I love when I’m dying inside.
Makes me feel that much closer to home.

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Love is a disgusting thing

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If art doesn’t destroy you.
Your art is total shit.

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my printer can suck a dick 

what kind of printer do you have

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"If flowers can
teach themselves

how to bloom after
winter passes,
so can you."
Noor ShirazieSpringtime (via straylightjay)
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Ahahahaha this art makes areas of my body tingle in very inappropriate ways


i don’t want to have responsibilities, i wan’t to go to punk shows 

- memoir of a queer street rat

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Beer queer! Home alone painting 
Taaaaalk with meeeeee 
….or don’t
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Awkward early morning pre work selfie. This is what I look like on a daily basis if anyone was curious. So glad its sweater weather season again.

On nights like these,
I can feel waves of melancholy drown me as they pour over the edge of my sanity.
There’s a strong force clawing it’s way through the layers of my stomach.
All the words I’ve never had the chance to speak are brooding in the garden of my chest.
I can taste them, as they try climbing out of the nameless shire swimming throughout my body.
Fatigue dances around me, and I leave all my gratitude behind trying to force down the secrets I don’t want anyone to know.
My tongue burns each time the vomit boils far enough to hug my throat.

I just want to cry, but I can’t
I fucking hate nights like these
What happened. I don’t get it.
I feel like I’m doing everything wrong.
I don’t have anyone to talk with anymore. I don’t have anyone that can help me and just hear me when I’m suffering. I hate this more than anything.
I want to move on. Why can’t I find the courage to push my way through this.
I can’t handle this. I keep asking for help and guidance but I don’t receive. I feel like I’m closing myself off from it and it destroys me inside. I just want to be true to myself and find enough value in myself to fight through this. Fuck, I really need help. I just need help.

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so did u like my post because it was funny or do u wanna date me i need answers

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Why FCKH8 is NOT an Ally to the Queer Community
That time they made fun of asexuality and diversity of the queer community in one fell swoop
That time they became hypocrites about it to avoid being called acephobic (not to mention cissexist/ not trans* inclusive)
That time they used misogyny to empower cis gay men, alienate lesbians, forget about bisexuality, and be cissexist about all forms of sexuality
That time they stole ideas from queer charities to make a profit
That time they stole ideas from bloggers to make a profit
That time reviews show just how shitty they are at doing business anways
That time they paralleled racial segregation to the gay rights movement because they are definitely the same thing
That time they used stereotypes of Black women to render them into props
That time they ignored gender neutral pronouns, cited religion as a reason for doing so, and harassed someone over it
Basically all of the stuff folks are reporting on this tumblr I keep linking ya’ll to
They harass and disrespect people on their facebook page. They are actively cissexist, transphobic, asexual erasing, racist, sexist, and misogynist in order to sell shitty, overpriced t-shirts that they stole from charities. 
So in other words, fuck fckh8.
(I understand that a lot of parodies of fckh8 have recently appeared on tumblr and other social network websites. As far as I am aware none of the links I have posted above are parodies, and are actually associated with fckh8. 
If you notice any disparities, please let me know.)